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  to crash.

  PingInfo View 是一款极度玲珑的批量 Ping 对象,容易难用

  des cription.

  if you have large amount of pings, because the accumulation of ping

  PingInfoView 1.60 绿色英文版_玲珑的批量Ping对象简介:


  o When `Use IP­Host Des cription format` option is turned on,

  PingInfoView now adds the IP address even if it doesn`t have a

  results consumes a lot of memory and eventually causes PingInfoView

  增添的选项去管制并发的 ping 下令 (正在高档选项窗口­F9) 的最大数量。默认值为 500。

  o Added option to add all ping results or only the failed pings

  into a comma­delimited or tab­delimited log file (In `Advanced

  ). It`s recommended to use this option

  PingInfo View 很容易运用,运转后请求您输入网址或 IP 地点,一行一个,而后法式会主动 Ping,表现没需要的信息

  o Added option to stop adding the ping results into the lower pane

  * Version 1.55

  Options` window).

  o Added option to choose the type of beep/sound to use when a ping

  (In `Advanced Options` window>

  fails (In `Advanced Options` window).

  PingInfoView 未能记着末了一个巨细/地位的主窗口,假如它没有位于主监视器。

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